Time to Attack Categories

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  1. GTi: yes, the Toyo R888 will be categorized as a Semi Slick

    Ken: To make it simpler to decide, For all high performance tyres that has visually less grooves or is softer than regular road tyres, they are classified as Semi Slicks.

    So the KU36 and RE01R are considered as Semi Slicks. The same goes to similar

    Yokohama AD07 / AD08
    Toyo R88
    Goodyear RS Sport
    Kumho KU36
    Bridgetsone RE01R / RE001 / RE070

    This is not the complete list though, do send us an enquiry if you have any doubts about your tyre type


  2. so to be safe, just enter the semi-slicks category until a definitive list is published …

    why not take the simple step of looking for DOT approval?

    DOT approved means they are street tyres

    non DOT are semi slicks

  3. yo tom, please advise on the list below

    Gforce sport

    Pilot preceda 2
    Pilot sport 3

  4. hi Khairul, Yee

    thanks for your suggestion.
    We are also looking to consider Threadwear ratings.

    We will post our final answers later today

  5. hi admin,

    is this event open for malaysian only or international drivers allowed?

    like for the na or turbo classes.. no engine capacity limits?

  6. hi Teo

    We welcome everyone, In fact we already have participants from Singapore.

    Because this is not exactly a race between everyone, we try to keep the on-track categories simpler to manage.

    However, at the end of the day
    Top Lap Times are categorized by multiple Hall of Fame Categories.

    please check out the Hall of Fame Scoreboard

  7. Yeah… DOT and non-DOT can be used. But if this is used, the r888 would be road tyres. Thats why i asked earlier…

    Yes, an alternative would be treadwear ratings, but some tyres don’t display the ratings on the tyre and treadwear may not necessarily be an indication of how good grip is on the tyre, but close enuff la…

    Well, lets just wait for the organizers to decide…

  8. bridgestone my-01, road tyres rite? going in for turbo road tyre catagory. giving u guys with semi n slicks a handicap. hahahahaha. ill come bite u with my road tyres! see u on sunday!

  9. it seems that your categorization of what tires are considered as semi slicks are a bit flawed. for example:

    Yokohama A048 / AD07 / AD08 / Parada

    A048 are full blown semi slicks, AD07 and AD08 are extremely high performance street tires while the parada is considered a performance street tire. to lump all of these under the ‘semi slick’ category is rather unfair to say the least.

  10. shouldnt be boiled down with the tyre specs and just get out there and ATTACK!

    kudos to the organisers for handling this huge headache.

    so we just abide by the list, and have fun out there!

  11. wish a smaller track layout being used. less fuel, less tyre, more exciting.

    and most important thing, a slow car like mine wont take forever to finish a lap.

    will try to be there as spectator then. keep it up.

  12. hi tis,

    Thanks for the support,
    We do have plans to Attack other circuits like Pasir Gudang or even mini series in smaller ones like the MIMC or Kampung Gajah in the future.

  13. hi Khairul

    I assume you’d be one of the Attackers on the circuit come May 09?
    Thanks for supporting us!

    Hi Everyone
    Well the tyre issue is definitely something we’d improvise over time. Since this is our Preliminary and expecting the Final Round to be a Sanctioned competition, we hope everyone go a little more easy on us regarding the classification of tyres.

    Also, Let us all focus on the Hall of Fame Scoreboard instead!

    Time to Attack Sepang!

  14. Also, do check this Category post from time to time as we update it.

    Current Changes (May 01 2010) :
    Road TyresAll High Performance Road Tyres / Road tyres will be classified at Road Tyres.
    Semi SlicksOnly extremely high performing or race tyres will be listed as Semi Slicks. (Which will be added as we find them)

  15. would looks cool if 2pcs of “Time To Attack” with Sepang Map Stickers are given to the participants 😛

  16. The new tires classes are great!

    The Skyline R35 GTR – will it be in the supercars category? Because it’s a 911 turbo beater at many circuits including the nurburgring 😉

  17. hi KillerB

    Thanks for noticing and agreeing with us on the tyres.

    Yes, the R35 GTR shall run with the big boys at the Supercars category.

  18. yee: thanks

    kenny: the scoreboard will eventually display the different categories of tyres, it will also grow according to the outcome of the Time To Attack


  19. hi,

    just wonder if there is minimum weight restriction on road cars?
    i mean can seats, carpet etc. be removed from road car category?

  20. hi desmond

    you can lighten your road car to a certain extent.

    Carpets / Mats and rear seats are fine

    However, the general guide requires you to:
    -Have 2 front seats
    -retain most factory panels
    -Retain floor insulations and linings


  21. I’m using road legal car. But i intend to take out all the seats and panels. Why can’t I do that if I want to enter the road car category. Can I know the reason why you limit the stripping process for road legar car. I’m asking this coz my engine is stock so I want to strip to shave on some weight.

  22. hi Wan

    Thanks for the question

    We limit how road cars can be stripped, because, essentially, they’re road cars.
    The rule is also applied to maintain a significant difference between the race cars.

    At the moment,
    Carpets and rear seats can be removed, but 2 front seats are a requirement,

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