About Time Attack

Commonly referred to as Time Attack, it was made popular by the record-setters at the Tsukuba Time Attack in Japan. Thought of as a proving ground for Track Day enthusiasts and Tuners, the unique and competitive time focused challenge sets apart the boys and the men on the race circuit.

An event by Zerotohundred.com, The Car Enthusiasts’ Community. TIMETOATTACK debuted in May 2010 with exploding success throughout the 4 rounds held that year. It was a series of Time Attack event commemorating Zerotohundred.com’s 10th year anniversary.

The TIMETOATTACK also acknowledges all participants’ achievements with a prestigious Hall Of Fame that lists in detail a driver’s name, car, tyres used and their best lap times. It is the only Time Attack Event that offers this feature and a permanent one that will be proudly displayed on TIMETOATTACK.net and Zerotohundred.com!


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