Spectators – Experience Non Stop Track Action!

If you’re not participating the coming Time to Attack: Sepang, why not be a spectator?

Experience the non-stop track action of cars tearing down the straights and carving through the bends of Sepang as they strive for that minus .1 of a second at every lap!. We’ll be expecting participants from Malaysia and Singapore ranging from road performance cars to actual race cars.

Spectators are treated to the full experience of the circuit with access to the Pit Roof Top! See and hear and far as you can as the beautiful circuit view can be easily seen from the tallest platform!


  • Feel the Tremble – As Performance Cars actually tear up the circuit aiming for best lap times!
  • Showcars on display – Thrilling quality show cars that look fast standing still!
  • Great Food and Beverages at reasonable prices

Extra Information

  • Admission is at RM20 per ticket per pax
  • Admission is Free between 8am – 10am
  • Kids below 12 enter for free
  • Cars parks at RM10 per car



  1. hi Mitec

    I can’t tell you how many are registered at the moment but the limit is 100 cars. There are road and race cars confirmed as well as participation from Singapore. So this is going to be worth your while. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hi
    Sean see you at the Time to Attack Event!
    We hope you could support our first track event with an RM10 for 10 years of Zerotohundred.com!

  3. entrance to the pits @ Drag Battle style or the other side of the track ? this shud be worth to watch. woo hoo~

  4. hi ayz

    It will be from the Tunnel Entrance. Just like the Drag Battle style like you mentioned.

  5. can the spectator see the event directly from paddock?..or its only for the participant?..so far the only time i can see the race from there is the drag race..

  6. hi my wira can’t attack the time:

    the view from the paddock is probably the most exciting.
    Other than that there are areas around the paddock to experience the action as well

  7. Is there any change to take a ride in the winner’s cars and experience the fun ? If yes,It will be exciting ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. hi kelvin

    We can’t say there’ll not be such a thing, but at the mean time, because it’s our first and preliminary round,
    Let us warm everyone up for this one and perhaps something like that can be part of the itenary for the next?


  9. Hi Admin,

    Just have a few questions:

    1. Can spectators see the REALTIME top 10 results of drivers,cars and lap times of each categories via displays or something? That’s the most important thing that should be there for the time attack event.

    2. Will this be annual event like at Tsukuba?

    3. Spectators are allowed to be in the pit like the drag race event?

    Thank you.

  10. hi Abe

    thanks for the question

    1) in Short, Yes.
    We update Lap times as the drivers finish their hot laps.
    This will be done as frequent as possible.

    We are planning to have screen(s) displaying current lap times.
    also in consideration is live web updates.

    2) Yes, Definitely.
    We promise to keep all Time Attack fans on their feet for the next, and the next.
    The Time to Attack Hall of Fame scoreboard is here to stay.
    Lap Time records honour the drivers’ and tuners’ efforts until someone else snatches that title.

    There’ll be a Round 2 sometime in July 2010 and a Final in November.
    We are planning to make the Time To Attack a recurring event!

    3) At the mean time, Yes.
    We foresee a manageable crowd this coming Sunday on May 09th, it being our first ever.

    However, spectators are encouraged to keep a safe distance from the busy pit area to stay safe and fun!

    Thank you

  11. Dear admin, Thnx for the swift reply. i’ll bring in the SPOC.com.my guys for support on the ZTH’s first ever Tsukaba style time attack. woo hoo~

    btw, is there any tentative around ? easier to guys my boys to the event. thnx again

  12. Tom, I’m gonna miss this event. Will there be other events celebrating 10 years of ZTH? I would want to attend one but the time attack event have to be skipped because of other things…

  13. hi titanrev

    Yes, we are planning for round 2 in July and the finals in November. so plenty of time for you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. sorry, i didnt see the right section that shows schedule n stuff. will join after my session finish from 9-1. see u guyz. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Wow…sounds interesting and exciting. Would love to join and support. Will try to be there.

  16. hi admin….can we drive our cars into the main grand stand area for a parking fee….i dun feel like parking my car out at the parking lot……..thanks

  17. hi azwansen

    For the Time To Attack, car parks are located about 100feet behind the pit area within the fenced-up areas.

    The Main grandstand area will not be used during this event.

    Thanks and hope to see you there!

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