2013 TIMETOATTACK Laps and Sessions

To all drivers and interested participants, please be sure to read this post for important updates for the TIMETOATTACK Event

For Unconfirmed Participants

We urge all unconfirmed particpants (including unpaid registrations) to confirm your participation as soon as possible,

For Confirmed Participants

Thank you all confirmed and paid Participant, here are some important requirements at the Circuit for the TIMETOATTACK Series


  • Help : There will be officials manning the event all throughout the circuit. Please refer to any of them for any queries you may have during the TIMETOATTACK Event.
  • Cooperation : To preserve the harmony of the TIMETOATTACK Event, Officials are required to flag down all and any rule breakers. Your cooperation and compliance are greatly appreciated.
  • Pitlane Speeds : Please be reminded that all cars are prohibited from speeding or driving recklessly on the Pit Lane. Speed limit is at 60km/h

Pit Etiquette :

  • Smoking is prohibited within the Pits
  • Cars returning from the circuit are urged to return to their designated pits and parking locations
  • Please be wary of your actions, surroundings and belongings.

The Laps :

Each Car Category will receive a 20-30 minute session depending on running group size after which they will then return into the Pits to make way for the next following categories. Then the process will repeat throughout all categories until the end of the event. All drivers are limited to 5 Laps per outing and will be required to make a pass through the pit lane to resume.

Releasing of the cars :

Each Participating car will be released in gaps of about 30 seconds to allow each participant to take better advantage of a clear circuit for a hot lap.

Lap Definitions :

  • Outlap : To start your your first lap
  • Hotlap : To Start your Timed lap as you pass the starting line (There are 2 hotlaps per run)
  • Inlap : To return from your hotlaps into the pits

Attacking :

  • When completing your outlap, beginning your hotlap, you are highly encouraged to take the opportunity to set your best lap time.
  • Please refrain from simply cruising on the circuit during your hotlap window.
  • It is a Time Attack, please do your best, to claim your name to fame on our hall of fame scoreboard!


  1. Will there be designated pits for participants or is it park as we like after each 4 laps?

  2. Hi KillerB,

    There are no strict designations to where you have to park but to make it easier for everyone,
    all drivers are urged to return to where they were first parked.


  3. I will also be participating in the HPC trackday prior to the time attack. Good to know that the admin stuff will be out of the way early, but pls co-ordinate with the HPC team so that we are kept updated if there are any last minute changes in terms of the sign up, briefing, etc timing, process or venues… thanks..

  4. i paid and fax the form..is that consider confirmed?because i didn get any confirmation in mail,sms or call.

  5. hi ken

    thanks for participating
    we will give every registrant a call today and tomorrow

    Thank you

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