Prizes and Discounts from Stand 21 at TIMETOATTACK Season Finale this Sunday!

TIMETOATTACK welcomes Stand 21 on board the Season Finale this Sunday Dec 16 2012! For those who’re fans of Stand 21 and are participating, rejoice! Stand 21 is giving away their bespoke racing gloves worth over RM700 per pair to the fastest drivers of all TIMETOATTACK classes! Tempting?

If you haven’t already heard of Stand 21, here’s a quick introduction. Stand 21 has been and still is the leader in made-to-measure motorsports safety equipment for over 40 years. All designed, developed and made right from their own facility in France. But that’s not what they’re just known for. Stand 21 makes some of the most comfortable equipments in the industry and drivers’ swear by it! Trust me and driver’s worldwide, comfort is an important aspect in motorsport wearables, be it shoes, gloves, overalls or helmet.

This is not your typical fashion oriented equipments that most would purchase the first time and then find motorsport safety equipment to be a pain to wear or used for extended periods of time. Then again, if you haven’t experienced, you wouldn’t know.

Good news for all, Stand 21 Singapore, sponsors of the TIMETOATTACK Final Round will be on-site to offer samples and try-outs for everyone, including TTA Track Day Participants as well as Time Attack participants. They will also be there to accept custom orders and will measure you should you be interested to purchase a made-to-measure product. This applies to their range of:

  • Helmets
  • Racing Suits
  • Gloves
  • Shoes

Stand 21 Singapore will also provide generous discounts for all, ranging from:

  • 10% off on a single purchase
  • 15% off for purchase with gloves and shoes
  • 15% off applies for “Buddy Purchases” where you and your friend can combine to enjoy the 15% discount

Below are the categories for the TIMETOATTACK and its prize levels:

NA-FF – 1st Place
NA-RWD – 1st Place
TURBO-2WD – 1st Place
TURBO-4WD – 1st Place

NA-FF – 1st Place
NA-RWD – 1st Place
TURBO-2WD – 1st Place
TURBO-4WD – 1st Place

HYBRID – 1st Place
EURO – 1st Place
GT CARS – 1st Place
NISSAN GTR – 1st Place
SUPERCARS – 1st Place

Total: 15 prizes worth over RM11,000

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