The internal clash of Team 240s at the Season Finale

There’s a battle brewing within the TIMETOATTACK Season Finale.. It’s been too long the members’ within Team 240’s have tolerated their differences and come this Sunday, the clash of the Type-R Titans will begin..  Read their story written by Ari7474:

‘teh tarik kurang manis dua, milo ice satu, teh o ais limau dua, roti bakar…etc”

Sounds familiar? Well, just like every other normal Malaysian, we love to go for TT. But what do we actually do during our tt actually? As for 240s, our normal tt session is always about chicas (a bit only) and cars (a lot more.. I think). Of course, when talking about the fairer sex, its ONLY for the single and available guys. The married ones would NEVER condone such naughty and cheeky behavior.

Noooo… Only the single and available guys… Eh, did i say that already? I think i should change the subject.. Kekekekeke..

Anywayyyy, back to our other fave topic, which is cars.. Cars and who can do the fastest in Sic.
That has always been our discussion which could lead to some serious arguments.
Because everyone would always have excuses except me because i always have valid ‘reasons’.
Even during our Pasir Gudang BROmance trip as supported by ZTH last June was the same.

So as i was saying, roughly about 2 months ago, while having our regular arguing session over ‘roti bakar telur cheese’ in Hartamas, our chief KP Arif Izzuddin suggested that we have an internal battle with official transponder timing to settle the dispute once and for all.

What better place to do it other than during Zerotohundred’s TimetoAttack Finale 2012.

As days come closer to the epic and ultimate battle in 240s, the ‘bakar and satay’ sessions have been hotter than normal. We have 11 track fighters ranging from Hondas to Beemers, all prepped and ready with valid excuses on the 16th..

Who will be the ultimate #1 in twoforties? One thing for sure is that all of us will be ‘red lining curb to curb and leaving skidmarks on the red and white’