A Quick One-on-One with Tengku Djan at TIMETOATTACK Season Finale!

Once Zerotohundred.com’s TimeToAttack (TTA) event got into full swing we began to track down some of the key favourites who attended the event and managed to ask a few questions regarding their performance and of course their preferred TTA ‘weapon’ for this year’s finale at the Sepang International Circuit.

With the unrelenting sun beating down upon us all during the first half of the day, which saw many of us taking shelter under some much needed shade while replenishing ourselves with copious amounts of liquids.

There were instances where it seemed as though the sky was going to throw us a dash of rain, allowing the track a little time to cool down and while many were in a hurried mood to send out their speed machines before the track lost some grip, we managed to catch-up with one ‘Prince of Drift’ – Tengku Djan Ley with Team Drive M7 Energy Drink, as he took a breather and a moment to cool off.

Hi Tengku Djan, hows the track going for you and your car (107) at the moment?
Yeah no too bad, it’s really hot out there at the moment, but it seems that the tyres are loving it.

Hows that helping you out on the time sheets?
Well I’ve managed to get my best lap-time down to 2mins 34s at the moment, that’s a second off my last TTA’s best time.

Tell us about your car?
What I’ve got here is a Left-Hand-Drive E36 M3 with a stock inline-6 3.2L engine pumping out about 320hp (316bhp actually) from under the hood and it’s doing really well at the moment. Obviously you can see I’ve lightened it just a little by using a carbon fibre hood, boot and rear spoiler.

So what’s been done to your car in preparation for the last TTA of 2012?
Nothing really, it’s here pretty much stock standard, except for the suspension, which I won’t tell you much about it at the moment (snicker).

Are you facing any issues with the car?
For the time being, nothing on the engine side, just looking to sort out some handling issues at the moment to help improve my lap times. For now, I’ve managed to get the rear to do what I want it to, but because this is a road car at the day, it’s got quite a bit of understeer dialled in, obviously for safety purposes and I’m trying to get that cancelled out as much as possible.

And hows that hindering you at the moment?
At the moment, I may be experiencing just a hint of understeer, but because its happening around mid-corner I’m not able to really put the power down and increase my exit speed, but we’re close.

Fantastic! And good luck for the rest of the day!