The Euros @ TIMETOATTACK Round 1 2013

TIMETOATTACK would be incomplete without the Euros. Every year, the response has been nothing short of epic, and drivers and teams return with more upgrades to improve their time – keeping the competition tight and strong.

This year, its business as usual. Returning attackers like Shedden Ee from ExoticMods has replaced his famous turquoise stage 3 VW Golf GTI Mk6 a.k.a ‘Bambee’ with a Golf R Mk6 which has been stripped out, and track-prepped specially for TIMETOATTACK. Not to forget our forumer, NukeeZoid who was all set to attack Sepang last Sunday too in his Renault Megane RS! (read his story here).

So..what happened last Sunday?

The hot topic before TIMETOATTACK was the Golf R battle between Wing Hin Motorsports and ExoticMods. And yes, it was definitely quite hot too last Sunday. Wing Hin Motorsport’s Golf R stage 3 was all prepped up, with rumours of a target time of 2minutes32seconds around Sepang. Yes, thats an epic fast time! Over the two heats during TIMETOATTACK, they tried but only managed a decent time of 2:36.5, which crowns them the winner of Round 1’s Super Street Euro category.

Team ExoticMods on the other hand finished with a time of 2:39.7  – placing 3rd overall in the SuperStreet Euros category. Despite having only 3 days to prepare their Golf R, Shedden Ee still managed to uphold his reputation. According to the man himself, “I am more than happy to get to the podium, with such a short period of preparation”. He also added that by the next round, his Golf R will be tuned better and ready to tackle a much faster time – having to discover some power loss the night before TIMETOATTACK, due to their newly installed setup of the exhaust.

While the Golf Rs are logging heads with each other, this matte orange Audi TT-S driven by Cornelius Ee took the crown. His time? – 2:38.4! It isn’t a surprise when you meet this car in person. Take a look at the man himself, tackling Sepang for his fastest time of the day at the video below.

The beauty behind these Euro cars that participated is that, majority are driven on a daily basis. As we found out from some of the owners, the cars they brought for TIMETOATTACK are daily drivers, catering to the needs of the owners, going to and fro for work, and other routine chores of a car. Its hard to believe when we see them blasting through the Sepang straights, and braking hard for turn 1 from speeds of over 200km/h – as it is certainly looks and sound race bred.

We always look forward to the presence of the Euros @ TIMETOATTACK, as it is a joy to see these marques tackle the challenges that Sepang has to offer. All that came had only one mission – to capture the best time. And even if the attacker did not manage a podium, don’t despair as the next round is just in the near future. Its time to prepare and ATTACK!

Street Euro

1st – Cornelius Ee – Audi TT-S – 2:38.4

2nd – Navin Kumar – Renault Megane RS – 2:44.7

3rd – Tan Chee Kong – VW Scirocco – 2:45.3

Super Street Euro

1st – William Ho – VW Golf R – 2:36.5

2nd – Eric Yong – Renault Megane RS – 2:36.7

3rd – Shedden Ee – VW Golf R – 2:39.7

Photos of Euro Cars @ TIMETOATTACK

Braking hard for Turn 1 from the main straights.

Meganes at their home turf – on the track!

Not many of the Focus ST on the road yet – but it has attacked Sepang. 

FWD Monster with K04. Rocco R from Singapore. 

This Audi TT came a long way from Penang, just to ATTACK Sepang.

3rd place winner – despite having some technical problems just before crossing the finish line. 

The battle of the hatch – BMW 118i and VW Golf GTI Mk6

Another battle of the hatch – Ford vs Volkswagen vs BMW. Take a pick?

Check out this hot Mk6 GTI blistering the main straights in Sepang

The VeeDubs at Turn 1!