TIMETOATTACK Chronicles by Eugene Lee! – A (Would Be) Date with Glory!

Crawling out of bed, I disregarded personal hygiene and headed out to the porch. There she sat – my 2011 RenaultSport Megane RS250. Staring at her, my heart skipped a beat as I contemplated the day ahead of me… Time To Attack Round 1… a day for a date with glory.

Earlier that week, we received news that the tuning houses Wing Hin and Exotic Mods would be sending souped up Golf R’s in a quest to pry the EURO crown from the French Connection. The RS250 had an extremely strong showing in 2012’s final round in December, claiming First and Third place convincingly. But this year, it looked like the competition had up’ed their game, coming out in full force and fully modded machines.

Word on the street had it that Wing Hin was targeting a 2:32 in their Stage 3 Golf R. The R.S. Collectif (RenaultSport owners club) Facebook page and Whatsapp group chats were abuzz with the “David & Goliath”-ness of the situation. 2013 would prove to be a real chance to show the big-boys that us Privateers (with our limited funds) could give them a run for their money. And besides, it’s always good box office when the little man beats the big man… Such was the story of the Williams F1 team (but that’s a story for another day… or post).

I arrived at Sepang International Circuit half an hour before the scheduled drivers briefing at 11.15am and proceeded to the usual scrutineering before heading to Pit 13, the designated pit for Renault. The service team sent specially by Renault (in support of the participating drivers) was already on standby to help me with my wheel swap, trading my Kumho KU36 ladden stockies for some other ones with worn Federal FZ201’s.

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