Sold out! TIMETOATTACK Nov 30 Driver entries exceeded its limit in 2 weeks, plus some updates!


As we approach the upcoming TIMETOATTACK next Saturday, allow us to bring you up to speed with some progress updates from us, the organizers. Firstly, a big thank you goes out to all our participants, fan and sponsors for the relentless support since 2010. In the last 2 weeks of TIMETOATTACK drivers registration opening, we’ve managed to not just secure maximum entries, but in fact surpass our usual 120 Time Attack Car limit!. With the addition of 80 Track Day cars, this equates to over 200 cars and drivers for next Saturday, and again, all within 2 weeks of opening! That’s an extremely encouraging piece of news to all of us at TIMETOATTACK and we hope you share the joy with us.



With the upcoming TIMETOATTACK being held for the first time ever, on a Saturday afternoon, we’ve made it a point to make this 2013 Final Round special and a memorable one. Avid Time Attackers will be happy to know that we’re not only making this round a pure Time Attack event, with no waits and distractions in the midst of running. On top of that, we are also extending the Time Attack segment by up to 1 and half hours. This means more track time and better chance at achieving that magical lap time!


It doesn’t end there too. By now, most attackers would have already been familiar with Sepang in the day. So to spice things up a little, we are introducing a Day and Dusk Attack! Same circuit, with 2 different driving temperatures and conditions. So turn on your Xenons gentlemen (and women) as we attack into the night! There had been reports of drivers being able to clock marginally faster lap times in the night, citing cooler track temperatures for extended tyre grip, denser air for more efficient engine combustion and even claims about being able to focus on their driving more with the lack of light to take crucial attention away.


So once again, thank you everyone for the enthusiasm! we hope you’d enjoy what we have in store for you this November 30th at TIMETOATTACK. We’ll have more cars, more drivers, and even more food and drinks to keep hungry stomachs happy. So make a date with us and we’ll see you at Sepang next Saturday!

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