2013 TIMETOATTACK Round 2 – The Preview!

2013 has been an exciting year for us at Zerotohundred, and nothing will give us a fonder memory of the year other than the Round 2 of TIMETOATTACK. With over 150+ participants from both Malaysia and Singapore, the hunt to slash off the excess milliseconds gets wilder on every round as new names appear with crazier machines and more impressive talents behind the wheels.

With the final round for 2013 kicking off at 1pm for the Track Day instead of the usual early morning ride, TIMETOATTACK gives both the participants and spectators a whole new experience as the event goes all the way from light to the darkness of night. Sepang International Circuit never looked and sounded better as the finely-tuned machines braved their way through the darkness with the goal of being the fastest man around the 5.543 km circuit.

And to add a bit of variety into Round 2, Mother Nature also decided to play a part by soaking up the circuit as the first cars rolled into the circuit. To any regular Joes, this might be seen as a major setback and is better to just sit in the dry pits. But the guys at TIMETOATTACK are none of those, and they kept on surging forward at speeds you would not even dare to drive in such a condition.

Of course, we already had our eyes on cars like ST Wangan’s bright yellow Evolution time attack machine and Neverland’s Goldmember GT-R to grab the top spots. But with new-comers like Jejai in the Revosport McLaren MP4-12C and LHB Motorsport’s freshly-prepped Evo making an appearance, the journey to the top is definitely going to be a tough one.

We also had a VW overload on the circuit, thanks to the tremendous support from Wing Hin Motorsports and also the VW Club Malaysia. From the new Golf GTi Mk7 to the evil-looking Scirocco R, the VW Wing Hin Challenge was a great hit amongst both the owners and track-goers.

We will be back with a more thorough and in-depth report on last Saturday’s action-packed weekend, so please stay tuned to Zerotohundred.com!