The Naturally-Aspiraters @ 2013 TIMETOATTACK Final Round + Results!

Naturally-aspirated machines and Sepang International Circuit have a very special connection between the two of them. With the ability to provide instant power whenever needed, the NA machines had displayed us their prowess in a number of times than we could count, especially when cars like the Honda Civic FD2R has the ability to beat most of the competitors in TIMETOATTACK including the time attack machines – in their street-legal form!


And since they had proven themselves well as a potent weapon on Sepang International Circuit, the Hondas were literally dominating the NA-FF class. With most of them opting the FD2R to carry out the task of time attack, Sepang was instantly filled with the distinctive high-pitched screams.

One of the must-show faces in the FD2R movement is none other than the fleet from Pentagon Racing. Having spent lots of time around Sepang and our own TIMETOATTACK, they are more than familiar of navigating around the circuit, so a little drizzle or a hint of darkness will not slow them down.


But it is not until the FD2R arrived that Honda gets the fame in building great NA-FF racers. Cars like the DC5R are still a fearsome weapon in the right hands, which goes the same to the Integra and the EK4.

Although Honda only has a handful of rear-wheelers in their line-up, all of them are icons in the motoring world. Put aside the sight of seeing the ultra-rare NSX tearing up the circuit during TIMETOATTACK, the S2000 gave the cars in the NA RWD class a run for their moneys. A prime example would be the infamous gray S2000 driven by Eugene that clocked a 2:33.058, allowing him to win the Super Street class.



But that does not mean the others will give up easily. The Toyota MR-S might be an aging machine, but it is aging very well as one driven by William Chong managed to go up the ranks and secure a second spot in the Street class with a 2:38.149.

Here are the Top 3 positions for all the naturally-aspiraters!

NA-FF Street

  1. Ari7474 – Honda FD2R – 2:34.435
  2. Watt Ng – Honda DC5R – 2:36.001
  3. Jonathan Xie – Honda FD2R – 2:36.294

NA-FF Super Street

  1. Leo – Honda FD2R – 2:30.625
  2. Jonathan Xie – Honda FD2R – 2:31.857
  3. The Kian Boow – Honda FD2R – 2:32.761


NA RWD Street

  1. Kenny Lee – Toyota 86 – 2:37.832
  2. William Chong – Toyota MR-S – 2:38.149
  3. Steve Toh – Honda S2000 – 2:38.602

NA RWD Super Street

  1. Eugene Aw Yong – Honda S2000 – 2:33.058
  2. Chester Chua/Mark Ong – Honda S2000 – 2:34.159
  3. YS Lim – Nissan 350Z – 2:36.754