The high speed Supercars @ 2013 TIMETOATTACK Final Round + Results!

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When the Supercars come out – all the spectators rejoice and smile with overzealous excitement as they get to see some of the best exotic machines of the present, battling it out on the circuit in the race against time. This round – we at Zerotohundred were already set to see some thrills when we saw the registration list for the Supercars class, and although the numbers were not as overwhelming as it usually was – the drivers were all very serious and very competitive.

Returning to TIMETOATTACK to uphold his title – Jason is back with his McLaren MP4-12C. As we previewed his latest update in issue #3 of Zerotohundred Magazine, his Mac sports an all new aerodynamic package to aid in his battle against the seconds in the corners, courtesy of the DMC Velocita kit. As usual, his Mac came to Sepang with a crew of engineers from McLaren themselves to ensure that his car ran smoothly and perfectly.

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Closest rival to Jason’s Mac is another MP4-12C that has been busy modding up for the attack. Word from the grapevine has been so frantic that we couldn’t wait to see it in action. With a rep sheet filled with racing experience – Jejai brought his Volcano Orange 12C which was all set for the attack. Fitted with an aerodynamic package by Revozsport, this Mac too promises an even enthralling experience in the corners and with two of these similarly matched Supercars.. it was a death-match on the damped circuit.


With the drivers pushing the car to the limits, catching the slidey back end in the wet.. it certainly put up a good show for the spectators alike. The 1st runner-up position made way to Jason with a time of 2:29.218. Although he didn’t manage to uphold his title – it was proven that between the two orange Macs, he was faster in the wet. A whole 2 seconds split between the two runners with Jejai posting a time of 2:31.307 in his volcanic 12C, placing 3rd in the Supercar class. But what was faster than the McLarens?


Whilst the two Macs were hustling for time – it was a bug that slit through in the wet. With four-wheel drive traction on its side, the boosted up Porsche 911 Turbo with Kwek Kon Chun at the wheel blasted TIMETOATTACK Final Round 2013 with a time of 2:26.396. Since the last round, the 911 Turbo has gone through a few minor exterior changes that we saw, mainly being the new RS wing in replacement of the retractable ‘Turbo’ wing.

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We always love having these Supercars battling out at TIMETOATTACK and we hope to see more action on the next round in 2014! Always a highlight for the spectators and a challenging competition for our participants. What can we expect in this class next year? Only time will tell but till then.. here are the official results for the Supercars Class at TIMETOATTACK Final Round 2013.

Supercars Class Results

1. Kwek Kon Chun – Porsche 911 Turbo – 2:26.396

2. Jason Tan – McLaren MP4-12C – 2:29.218

3. Jejai – McLaren MP4-12C – 2:31.307