Revised: 2014 TIMETOATTACK Round 1 – The Preview!


Tonnes of crowd, loads of sunshine, an infinite amount of horsepower and a great support from the sponsors and fans. We have a long wish list waiting to be ticked for 2014, and most of them had definitely been checked off in the opening round of the 2014 TIMETOATTACK at Sepang International Circuit. Of course, none of these will ever be possible without the continuous support of our diehard fans, participants and sponsors, so we would like to take this opportunity and send out a big ‘Thank You’ to all of you!



IMG_9281Starting the day early in the morning, it did not take long for a beeline of cars to pour into Sepang Circuit for the track day session.


Providing an opportunity for drivers to take their cars out in the F1 circuit, some Time Attack participants also used the track day as a final shakedown to make sure all systems are a go before the much-awaited time attack session.


The Parade lap is a crowd highlight before the actual attack!











And as a sign of appreciation to the fans that had made their pilgrimage to this circuit, we had the #PARKIT session covering the parking lot with some rare gems in Malaysia. Featuring a wide variety of cars from RETRO HAVOC, Team Street, Malaysia GTR Club and the Fairlady Z Club, the usually mundane parking space was filled to the brim with immaculately-restored retro rides, a whole lot of Godzillas, and not to forget some exotic supercars as well.

IMG_9569The fun does not stop there as we even managed to fit a slot for the Retro Rides to have their own parade lap on the main straights!


DSC_8620Since we are in the time attack game, there is no doubt that all eyes are set to topple Aloysius Lek’s impressive timing of 2:21.602 in a Nissan GTR done back in 2013’s TIMETOATTACK Round 2, and claimed the Fastest Man of the Day title. While it may sound easy in words, entering the 2:20 range requires a great amount of talent and horsepower to propel the man and machine across the 5.543km circuit.




Of course, there are a lot of hopefuls that could probably be the next fastest machine to go around Sepang Circuit. Kenny Lee with Amazing Garage’s FD3S does stand a chance to do so, and not to forget Mark Darwin in the GME Racing Civic EK Turbo. Who knew if there is anything new in Arthur Lo’s Silver Surfer GTR, and Ken Ji’s new Black Panther GTR might pose a great threat to all!


Arthur Lo and his Silver Surfer GTR together with Ascendant Motorsport’s Shaun Yip trumped the street legal category with an unbelievable 2:17.653!! To think in 2010, when TIMETOATTACK allowed full slicks, we’ve ever only had a from a then, still new, mildly tuned Link’s Racing prepped GTR35


The Star of the show has got to be ST Powered’s Time Attack Evo, piloted by non other than the boss himself, Desmond Soh. A blistering 2:16.297, it is undoubtedly the fastest ever car and driver ever to partake in TIMETOATTACK!. The Champion of Round 1 for sure.

Who knows what will be the next lap record with such an insane standard that’s just been set.


Caterham Supersport Asia was also present at the TIMETOATTACK with an exclusive limited drivers only demo for “The Fasted Man in a Caterham” Although it featured a woman by the name of Leona Chin, a popular, bubbly lady in the Drifting sceneIMG_0094We will keep the comprehensive race reports coming up soon enough. So do stick around as we reveal the fastest man and machine to have rocked the 2014 TIMETOATTACK Round

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